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Yesterday we had a telephone interview with the Citizen Newspaper. It was a follow up story they were doing about the rat problem in Jozi city. It was a fun interview, with them looking at the other side of rats. Can they be pets, are they dangerous, etc, etc.

Here’s the full text of the interview from their website

Joburg’s big pest ‘can make fine pet’

While Johannesburg might not have its own pied-piper to lure away rats scouring the piles of refuse in the city’s Central business District (CBD), rats can actually be kept as pets.

19 April 2011 | LAUREN PETERSEN and Sapa

JOHANNESBURG – While Johannesburg might not have its own pied-piper to lure away rats scouring the piles of refuse in the city’s Central business District (CBD), rats can actually be kept as pets.

Speaking to the owner of Peter Bee Pets store in Krugersdorp, Peter Bramley said he sold rats as pets quite often.

Bramley told The Citizen yesterday, that provided the rat is kept clean, fed and played with, no problems would occur and the rat and owner would live happily.

“They are the most awesome animals to keep as pets, they are not nocturnal creatures like hamsters. If the hamster got out of its cage it would run and hide, but a pet rat would come out and sit with you,” he said. According to Bramley, most pet rats lived for at least two years, before dying. He mostly sold rats as food to snake owners. “The set of rats I sold yesterday were for snake food, but usually kids aged between six and 12 years old purchase rats as pets,” he said.

Bramley, however, said rats outside should be left untouched. “These can be killed by using poison,” he said.

Rats like other pets sold at the Peter Bee Pets store have no shortage of rat accessories to purchase. Customers have the option of purchasing a cage to keep the rat in, as well as rat food, toys such as balls or little houses, and even a leash and a harness to take your rat for a walk.

Meanwhile, the South African Municipal Workers’ Union (Samwu) and City of Johannesburg said today may see an end to the 12-day strike by Pikitup workers. The city’s spokesman, Gabu Tugwana yesterday said there was a “willingness” by both parties to bring the strike to an end. “There was seven hours of cordial negotiations on Monday from both sides and a willingness to bring the strike to an end. I have no doubt that today we will be able to go to the CCMA (Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration) and tell them the strike is over,” he said.

Samwu spokesman, Tahir Sema said they were “confident” they’d seal the negotiations, especially now that the CCMA had been brought on board. “The workers are happy and have agreed to all the proposals. We are just waiting to meet with the city’s representatives and Pikitup management today so we can sign and end this strike.


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